About Justin

“What if I need service now?” and other FAQs

Who are you?

I’m Justin Cronkhite and I grew up in Central Maine on a steady diet of Humpty Dumpty BBQ chips and Mrs. Dunster’s donuts. These days I’m an electrician living in Whitefield, Maine with my wife and son.

My first job was scrubbing pans as a dishwasher at Governor’s Restaurant but I spent my spare time taking things apart and putting them back together (usually – sorry, Mom!) just to see how they worked. That was my first clue that a trade was right for me.

Maine Electrician Justin Cronkhite and Family

Cronkhite Electric is a new business. Do you really have experience?

I’ve been an electrician for nearly 20 years. I began as an apprentice and then earned my work hours and classroom time to obtain my Journeyman’s and then Master’s licenses.

In that time I’ve picked up a broad range of experience, from high-end residential work in multi-million dollar, new construction homes to large scale, heavy industrial projects, and everything in between.

Most recently I’ve been the Electrical Supervisor on a 6th generation drillship, where I lead a team of six electricians and electronics technicians. The oil field has treated my family well but I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard a Mainer say they can’t find a local electrician to help them. That’s why I’m excited to start Cronkhite Electric and serve the community.

What if I need service now? Can you really help me?

I know how difficult it’s been for folks to find a reliable electrician who even has time to return calls. As a new business in the area, I have much more availability. Call or text me at 207-200-3808. I’ll be happy to talk through your project and schedule a visit.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, I’m a licensed Master Electrician in the State of Maine (MS60021758) and I’m fully insured.

Why should I hire Cronkhite Electric?

My top priorities are safety and quality work. During my two decades of work, I’ve seen firsthand that trade licenses and years in business don’t guarantee superior work or attention to detail. It’s vital that electrical work be done correctly by someone who truly understands the code requirements.

When you hire Cronkhite Electric, you know that all work will be done by a Master Electrician who puts your family’s safety first. I never cut corners and I don’t guess – I do things right so that you can feel confident and comfortable in your home.

Need electrical service?

Call or text Justin at 207-200-3808